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Blooming on a Budget

I started You & I DIY many years ago because I saved so much money on the flowers at my own wedding that I wanted to help other brides and grooms do the same! 


I believe that you can have the look you want without busting your budget.


Sure, you can order pre-arranged bouquets from places like Costco and Sam’s Club, but they only have a handful to choose from and those are fairly plain. Who wants that?

I can help you get the look you want within your budget (within reason, of course!)


I have the intricate knowledge and the years of experience in executing a beautifully floral wedding for minimal cost.


All you need is the vision, the budget, and the hands.

Doing your own flowers can be a fantastic bonding experience for the wedding party, family, and friends. It gives everyone a chance to take ownership of a piece of this special occasion.

They feel pride when they see the beautiful finished product.
They feel happy to be included.
They feel useful.
You feel gratitude for all of these people that want to come together and support you for this occasion.

And you feel sheer DELIGHT when you realize that you’ve saved thousands of dollars on your wedding flowers.

How can we help you bring your vision to life?
Book your free initial consult now.


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