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How much money can I save by doing my own wedding flowers?

This will depend on your geographic area and the complexity of your desired arrangements, but in my experience brides can typically save 40-60% on the total cost of their flowers. Wedding planners will tell you that you should allocate 10% of your budget to flowers and that the average is about $3,000. In metropolitan areas that cost can easily reach over $8,000. A New Jersey wedding I did recently was accomplished for $1,300--a far cry from the nearly $7,000 quoted by a local florist. That's a savings of over 80%!

Why should I do my own wedding flowers?

Tons of reasons! Aside from the huge financial savings there are many intangible benefits to doing your own flowers. I think it's a great opportunity to bring your friends, family, and bridal party together for a fun activity; in fact many of my clients have made a "day" out of it with champagne, snacks, and music. This can also be a fantastic way to bond if the bride and groom's side of the family don't know each other well.

If you're like most brides, the most common thing you'll hear from family and close friends is "Can I help you somehow?" They want something to do; they want to be constructive, to help you, to alleviate some of your burden. They want to be a part of your special day. So let them! Arm your Uncle Nick with a paring knife to de-thorn roses and get Aunt Sarah set up with a needle and fishing line to craft a carnation curtain. 

Allowing others to be a part of your wedding makes them feel useful. Enlisting their involvement gives a them a chance to take ownership over a piece of the celebration. They feel pride when they see the results of their work--I've had tough Navy SEALS and badass Army Green Berets bragging about the fluffiness of their garden rose arrangements. Seriously!

And you will feel gratitude for all of these people that love you and want you to be happy...all while saving thousands of dollars. How can you beat that?

How much floral experience do I need to do my own wedding flowers?
What if I'm not good at it?

I know it might seem intimidating to take on the flowers for an event as big as your wedding, but it CAN be done, I promise!

If you don't consider yourself to be a crafty person or haven't done a lot of DIY projects, we'll discuss some simpler designs that will be easier for you to execute. Your skill set and comfort level is one of the things we'll discuss during our initial consult.

The most important thing to consider when thinking about doing your own wedding flowers is time. Will you and your team of helpers have the TIME to do the work? It doesn't matter how skilled you are if you won't have the time to execute it properly.

Is it stressful to DIY your own wedding flowers?

I will always be honest with you throughout this process; however you must also be honest and realistic with yourself--I want you to have a fantastic experience! 

Doing your own wedding flowers can be a wonderful opportunity to have some fun with friends and family during this exciting time. Most of the time these people WANT to help and enlisting their assistance will give them a piece of ownership; they'll be excited and proud to point to a reception arrangement and say "I did that!".

Here are a few keys to doing your own wedding flowers so that it is a GREAT experience:


  • You should have a clear vision of the 'look and feel' you want for your wedding

    • Before our initial consult, try to distill down the vision for your wedding with a few words. Is it centered around a particular color palette? What is the mood? Where is your wedding being held? Think things like "all white", "clean and modern", "feminine and romantic", "rustic and sweet", and so on. ​Based on my years of experience, one thing we don't want to do is go back and forth on 87 very different ideas during the process, so it's important that you have a clear idea of the look and feel you want before we begin.

  • You should have enough people to help you with the execution

    • Many hands make light work! Depending on the size of your wedding and how many arrangements you are planning to make you will need at least 3-4 additional people to assist you with the preparation and arranging. However, it shouldn't be too difficult--I have never had a client that struggled to find people wanting to help. :)

  • You should allocate enough time to do them

    • How many arrangements you are planning to make and how many people you have helping you will dictate how much time you'll need for execution.

  • You should be flexible

    • Things may not always go according to plan. I will help you control as many factors as we can, but there are certain things that will always be out of our control--acts of God, impactful weather events that affect the growers and shippers, and sometimes even the shade of the flowers will not be 100% exactly the way they are displayed online (though in my experience are generally very close). ​

  • You should be prepared

    • Last but not least, there's an old military adage that I love and it applies here also: proper planning prevents poor performance. (Now say that ten times fast.) You'll need to be prepared with all of the appropriate equipment and space for when the flowers arrive, but don't worry--as part of my consulting services I will provide you with checklists and prep documents to review well in advance.

Keeping these keys in mind will prevent you from having an experience that is more of a challenge than fun.

The flowers are here and something's not right! What do I do?! 

Keep the meltdown at bay by giving me a call or sending me a text at 561-614-6010. We'll come up with a plan of action together to remedy whatever isn't right. Stay calm! Everything will be fine.

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